Today’s Weather

This morning when we got up it was cloudy raining and cold.

This afternoon it warmed up. Sunny no rain, a clear bright blue sky.


Thank You

Thank you to everyone who has liked my blogs. I appreciate your support. I do not have a lot of free time in my day. I Intend to read your blog too.

Happy Blogging.

Blogging Journey Update

Amazing! I have finally started to blog. Blogging is easier than I have ever thought it would be. Seriously, Blogging is only another name for writing. You can write about any thing. You do not have to write about the same thing all the time. That’s one reason why I am just now getting started with blogging. I thought I had to choose one thing or niche to write about. I get bored with the same thing over and over again. I like to switch things up a bit. So many people focus on making money from blogging. Yes, I thought I had to monetize by blogging page from the start to be able to write a blog. Now I’m not worried about monetizing my blog. Right now I am simply enjoying the writing. I am able to positively write out my thoughts and feelings. I can also share about things I like. I am especially glad that it’s okay to blog about things that someone else has already blogged about. After all, someone like me who doesn’t talk a lot have few words to say and only a few conversations to start.


Sitting here on my phone typing in a blog. I should be asleep by now. Why am I still awake? I wanted to read before going to bed. I opened the book and before I knew it I was falling asleep sitting up. I decided to put the book away. As I lye there to sleep, I tossed and turned. A door opening and closing awakened Me, making me realize that I had dozed off, finally. But, for how long? Tossing and turning begun again. I got up and walked down the hall. Back in my room with a bottle of water near my bed. Browsing through my phone and the sleepiness has gone. Here I am, up pass 2 am writing a blog on my phone. What a wonderful life.

Perhaps this happened due to me eating gummy candies right before bed. SMH(Shake My Head).

Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers. It is a day to show love to those

closest to you. Of course, we should show love to others every day.

Buy yourself a gift for Valentine’s Day or make yourself something special. After all, how can you love someone else if you do not love yourself?

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Give your children a gift on Valentine’s Day. As kids grow up, their boyfriend or girlfriend should not be the first person to give them a special gift on this day. Give your child their first box of chocolate or first ring, bracelet, or necklace. Let them feel and know how special they are from the start. Tell them you love them every day. Make sure you treat them and respect them with love.

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You can make a gift to give someone. It can be a cardboard box decorated nicely. The box can be used for make-up, jewelry, rock collections, or

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anything else that is a keepsake to someone. Make a piece of jewelry. Cook a meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Clean their home, or a room in their home. Make cakes, brownies, cupcakes,

Image result for free photos of Valentines Day gifts

cookies, and other good treats. I love homemade treats. Make a card at home to give to someone.

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Remember the elderly, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, neighbors, and coworkers. You may not have money to buy expensive gifts. No matter how much money you spend on a person what matters most is that the gift came from your heart.

Image result for free photos of Valentines Day gifts
Image result for free photos of Valentines Day gifts


Blogging, blogging, blogging. What will I blog about today? Honestly, I do not know what to blog about today. Right now I am feeling frustrated. There are so many things I need to do and want to do, but I do not know what to do first. Where should I begin? Make a list of the things I want to do and then prioritize them. That is a good idea.

The truth is. There are too many distractions around me. It is hard to focus when people and things keeps interrupting you. Some people are so rude. You kindly ask them to be a bit less noisy and they get louder and continue to interrupt you. Do not leave out that annoying phone and the knocks on the door. It seems as if people know exactly when you are trying to get some work done or just simply trying to spend quality time with someone.

You sit around doing nothing important and no one bothers you. But, as soon as you are trying to do something important here are the distractions.


In my mid-twenties I was diagnosed with arthritis in my back. The pain was very severe. Many times I could not stand up long enough to wash the dishes after having dinner. Once the pain hit all I could do was lie down until the pain eased off or stopped. The back pain affected every part of my daily life. There were times when the pain brought tears to my eyes. I continued to live this way for several years.

One day I heard about some all natural products that would get rid of the pain. In fact it would get rid of the arthritis. I had already used over the counter and prescription medication. Most did not help at all. The rest helped to calm the pain, but never took it away completely.

I started using one of the products and before the week was out I noticed I could move more and stay in the same position longer. Before using this product I had to keep changing positions of my body no matter what I was doing. I could only be in the same position a few minutes at a time. This product was cleaning my body on the inside and getting rid of stuff that was causing the pain.

There are three products that I used. I used it as directed. Now I have been free of arthritis pain for over five years.